Multiparty Alliances, done well, pay by:

  • Diversifying skills
  • Increasing knowledge
  • Expanding capacity
  • Adding resources
  • Opening new market segments
  • Preserving organizational integrity while joining forces with others
  • Balancing interests and compliance

How will Smooth Transitions help organizations form and manage multiparty alliances?

group meetingCarolyn guides organizations to establish and evolve the three dimensional fit needed to achieve a mutually productive business relationship. She leads alliance members to control the elements critical to creating the synergy needed to achieve the strategic directions:

  • Understanding of critical driving forces that bring organizations together
  • Building on strengths and offsetting weaknesses to create strategic synergies
  • Engaging multiple organizational levels to build great chemistry and interest in the alliance
  • Facilitating Win/Win perspectives
  • Creating operational integration to apply knowledge, resources and access to create new capabilities and opportunities
  • Pursuing new opportunities for mutual growth
  • Maintaining a sharp focus on the goal and the strategic steps to secure it
  • Securing and maintaining commitment to the alliance goals.