Smooth Transitions LLC facilitation services pay by:

  • Engaging participants in full, fair and constructive participation
  • Clarifying the roles, contributions and perspectives of participants
  • Allowing all participants to stay in their role as stakeholder and express opinions
  • Applying innovation methods to help participants develop and weigh new solutions
  • Building plans for which participants agree to share responsibility
  • Keeping groups on track so they accomplish tasks on time and within budget.
  • What are facilitation services?

group discussionSmooth Transitions LLC designs processes and leads groups to discuss, think productively and create results. Carolyn customizes each process and has the tool kit to “shift on the fly” to help the group keep making progress. She knows how to help groups think past the usual solutions, become innovative to develop multiple options, integrate ideas from multiple disciplines and refine ideas to reach agreements.

Carolyn also has very strong project management skills and helps groups develop strategies to pursue their ideas, assign accountability, track accomplishments and stay on schedule and budget.