Smooth Transitions LLC grew from repeated success in building positive working relationships and multi-party alliances in the face of adversity. The firm combines the unique disciples of planning, human relations and conflict resolution.

The firm is owned by Carolyn Peckham. She delivers most services personally. She also partners with trusted colleagues for assignments needing a variety of skills or additional capacity.

Carolyn provides planning, group facilitation, and dispute resolution services to businesses, labor organizations and communities. Since 1988, Carolyn has assisted large and small businesses, labor unions and communities to develop new solutions during times of change, growth and conflict. Best of all, she helps organizations get things done!Carolyn

Carolyn helps organizations plan for the future by guiding them to identify their core strengths, develop clarity about their economic engine and understand the impact of the challenges they face. This information becomes the foundation to the organization’s plan that directs all levels of the organization. Carolyn also helps bring the plan to life by teaching organizations how to use it to measure progress and as an indicator of when strategic adjustments are needed.

Building and sustaining multiple party alliances is a special interest area for Carolyn’s practice. In the last 18 years, she has worked in a dozen states on more than 25 separate projects to assist organizations to form and manage complex alliances. These partnerships often consist of multiple businesses, labor organizations and sometimes government to design and operate programs for profitability and quality improvement, employee involvement, workplace literacy, technical skill upgrading and displaced workers.

She also helps businesses to improve workplace dynamics and create a more positive work environment. When people understand conflict and how it escalates, they can make informed choices about how to respond. Carolyn helps clients build that understanding and expand the options they have for responding to challenging situations.

Carolyn has a Master’s Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Marquette University. Her bachelor’s degree is in Psychology.

Even though she often works with difficult situations, she loves her work! Let Carolyn help you expand your options and build better solutions.