Organizational Purpose:

Smooth Transitions LLC engages customers in creating solutions & strategies that fit them, catalyzes progress and change that leads to success and motivates us to the next level.

Benefits to our customers:

  • Wiser, innovative solutions to challenging issues;
  • Engaged people who support the solution and know their role in making it happen;
  • Clear strategies to make the solution a reality;
  • Action, accomplishments and accountability;
  • New energy to move on to the next level!

What we do:

Our services include planning, group facilitation, multi-party alliance coordination, solution focused mediation, and training. Click on the links for more information about each of these services.

Smooth Transitions LLC grew from repeated successes in building positive working relationships and multi-party alliances in the face of adversity. The firm combines the unique disciplines of planning, human relations and conflict resolution.

What to expect:

Creating wiser, innovative solutions that haven’t been considered or are blocked by conflicting perceptions is the value we bring to our clients. That, and involving the people who need to take action so that they are engaged and feel committed to making the solution actually occur. We build the strategy together so that everyone understands how to make the change happen and each contributor’s roles and responsibilities. Next comes action, tracking accomplishments and accountability to help everyone recognize when you are succeeding or need to make an adjustment. Of course, we celebrate incremental accomplishment and generate great energy on which to thrive and strive to the next level.

Our Cultural Values:

  • Facilitating participation, information exchange and listening;
  • Practicing patience with persistence to get things done;
  • Learning to build effectiveness;
  • Recognizing the positive potential and intent of others;
  • Generating enthusiasm, pride and energy;
  • Having fun while doing great work!

Our Name:

The goal of every accomplished horse person is to achieve such a high level of communication and partnership with their equine partner that every change in gait, direction and speed is accomplished with invisible grace. Simply put, we strive for smooth transitions!